We Brand with Type
We design typefaces and know how to put brand's values into typefaces.
The World is changing fast. So do we.
Our terms of designing typography solution for brand is as short, 
as it needs to be. 
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Solution for any budget
We'll provide the best possible solution according to you budget. 
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Brand's communications unlimited
With brands unique and exclusive typeface you're no longer limited with royalties, 
numbers of output devices or embedding in software. 
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Go global
Expand your communications.
We provide Latin, Cyrillic characters sets 
and have partners to work with Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese sets. 
Learn more on how type can emphasise your brand. 
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digital reconstruction of Francysk Skaryna typeface of 1517
 Custom typeface for Belarus railways
Calligraphy studio Calligraphy.by is founded to provide wide interest for typefaces
Custom typeface for Minsk city branding
Typography school, Minsk, Belarus 
the first one from Belarus to sell fonts on MyFonts.com—world's largest fonts resource
DesignBirzha award for typeface design
We constantly looking for young creatives who can share our passion for typfaces and typography. Feel free to contact Alaiksei Koval if You want to run internship programme at KTF&BS. Open intern positions:
Junior Type Designer—we belive You have strong typography basis and would like to go deep in to typeface design process.
Graphic Designer—we belive You're expirienced Adobe CC user paying a lot of attenton to typography. Ready to join our team at Minsk, Belarus
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